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Cetaphil can be used in so many different ways! Discover how you can get the most from your perfect product, as well as tips from other Cetaphil fans. To quickly get the right information for your skin needs, search by skin type or product.

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Keep your face flawless

I have used Cetaphil since I was 16. I am now 44, but people think I am much younger – they say my skin is flawless and I believe Cetaphil plays a HUGE role in that! I have very sensitive skin and tend to break out easily when I use something different on my face. That never happens with Cetaphil because it is so gentle. It keeps my skin clean, yet also keeps it soft and subtle. When I exfoliate once a week, I use a mixture of olive oil and brown sugar, apply it to my face and rub it in gentle circles. Then I rinse my face and use Cetaphil to ensure that the residue is completely washed away. This easy skin care regimen has kept my face blemish-free and looking youthful for many years and I'm sure it will continue to do so for many years to come! Thank you, Cetaphil!!!

Moisturize after washing in winter

At the height of winter, I never bothered to wear gloves. As a result, four years ago my hands suffered from severe exposure to the cold. They became red, irritated and severely itchy. On consultation with my doctor, I was advised to use Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion every time after washing my hands. I haven’t suffered from this problem since.

Get (and keep) results

My tip is to use Cetaphil even after your skin problem is solved, just to keep it under control.

Take care of tattoos

When I turned 65 last year, I celebrated by doing something I had always wanted to do – I got my first tattoo! In order to keep it bright and clear, it was recommended that I use a Cetaphil. I figured if it was good enough for my tattoo, it would be excellent for my sensitive facial skin. And, indeed, it is. I am never left with the tight feeling that ordinary soaps (even those said to be good for sensitive skin) leave. Now, to Cetaphil: Happy 65th!!

Colour your hair without staining your skin

I use Cetaphil cleanser when I colour my hair. Before applying my hair colour, I apply Cetaphil to the skin close to my hairline, around my face, and leave it on. It works great; I never get any colour on my skin!

Combine makeup with moisturizer

I combine a drop of foundation makeup with a drop of Cetaphil. It works!

Share the family secret

My grandmother used Cetaphil. As a small child, I would watch her at nighttime. She would apply Cetaphil to her face, neck, arms and legs. When I asked her why, she said it made and kept her skin soft. As time passed and I grew up, Grandma still used Cetaphil, and I found myself using Cetaphil. Now, although my grandma is no longer here, I continue to use Cetaphil and now use it on my 7-year-old son who has extremely dry legs. Perhaps he will continue the Cetaphil legacy. Thank you for your products throughout the years.

Prevent blisters

I've used Cetaphil for as long as I can possibly remember and never even bothered to switch over to a different brand! I love it so much because of the great price and quality product. I use it on my extremely dry skin and on the soles of my feet when I wear heels to prevent blisters. It just shows that it is a multifunctional product. I don't see why everybody doesn't buy it!

Take it on your travels

The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser has been a favourite of mine for many years. It can be used on its own or with water, which makes it very adaptable for travelling. My skin feels very clean and soft after its use. I am also a great fan of your Barrier Cream for my hands. It leaves them feeling soft and is not greasy – a great protector for the Canadian winters!

Hold down hair

Instead of using hairspray or gel, I use a little bit of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser in my hair to keep the fly-aways down.