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Cetaphil fans across Canada have shared their stories with us. Read on to hear about their personal experiences with our skin care line, and share your own story here.

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"I started using Cetaphil more than thirty years ago after reading a book by Paula Begoun called Blue Eyeshadow Should Be Illegal, in which she recommended Cetaphil cleanser. I picked it up right away and have been using it ever since. It's mild and non-abrasive, and I know that it isn't full of harmful ingredients. When my daughter was a young teen, I gave her Cetaphil to use as a cleaner and she's been using it ever since, too. She's 28 now. When she went tree planting in the bush in northern Ontario and Manitoba for two summers, her Cetaphil was extremely useful because it can be used without water. We have raided each other's stashes over the years, often to fill travel bottles. I never leave home without my Cetaphil. I've also been using Cetaphil moisturizer for years. Even though, a month shy of my 62nd birthday, my age is showing in some ways, I thank Cetaphil for keeping me looking as young as I do."



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I love the spf 50 moisturizer so much I wrote this review out on my phone.

I work outdoors all day, so I need a high spf sunscreen. I break out really easily, and my skin is "BP in the Gulf" oily. I've tried at least 5 brands, but nothing was "perfect". Some were really greasy, burned or stung, had low spf, and the titanium-based ones left a pasty white film in EVERYTHING, no matter how long you try to work it into your skin or how sheer they claimed it was. One was even gritty somehow. So I'm always trying new ones, looking for the "holy grail). I picked up your 50spf daily moisturizer and I am impressed. Really impressed. It actually makes my skin look better than it does without the sunscreen. It's not greasy, it has a high spf, it works into your skin really easily, and doesn't leave me looking like I'm so pale I should be sucking on someone's neck. I LOVE this stuff. My only complaint is that I wish it came in larger sizes. Please never stop making it!

Jackie M
Nova Scotia

"I love washing my face with Cetaphil. It feels clean but not dry. Best feeling ever." 


"Growing up, good skin care was an example my mother showed me daily, and I used your product as a result of that. Then my daughter started to have issues with her delicate skin — yet another generation of Cetaphil users was started."

Prince Edward Island

"After I shave my face, I used to use aftershave but my wife couldn't stand the smell. She gave me a bottle of Cetaphil moisturizer and told me to try that instead. It felt a lot better on my face than aftershave and didn't have a perfume smell."

New Brunswick

"I am 31 and have tried nearly every cleanser on the market with irritating results... UNTIL Cetaphil! The esthetician recommended I throw out all my cleansers and use only Cetaphil. My face is no longer red or scaly."


"I'm 27 years old and have tried every shaving product possible. I wanted one that provides a clean shave and doesn't irritate. It seemed those two features were mutually exclusive - until I found Cetaphil. Your product's amazing!"

British Columbia

"I didn't realize that Cetaphil was gentle enough for my newborn's skin. I started using the cleanser and moisturizer and I have converted my whole family to Cetaphil. I really noticed a big difference in all of us! Thank you!"


"I've been using a medicated cream for years, and it is harsh on my skin. I started using Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream instead, and it's as good or better, with no worries of corticosteroids harming my skin."


"Cetaphil Cleanser is the only thing I use on my 4-year-old's skin since she has eczema. I recently started using it on my skin and noticed a remarkable difference."

Nova Scotia

"I am delighted with the results from Cetaphil! My skin has never felt so soft and supple – for its price, Cetaphil is a hands-down choice for me for cleansing and moisturizing my skin."

British Columbia