Nourishing Body Wash

Cetaphil RestoraDerm Nourishing Body Wash is clinically proven to soothe itch and irritation due to dryness. This gentle, non-drying wash cleanses without irritation. The Miracare® cleansing technology delivers skin nourishing oils and the filaggrin technology improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture to hydrate and soothe dry, itchy skin.

  • Soothes dry, itchy skin
  • Soap-free foaming action cleanses without irritation
  • Emollient rich and non-drying
  • Eczema Society of Canada Seal of Acceptance
  • Dermatologist and Pediatrician recommended
  • Fragrance-free and non-allergenic
  • Paraben-free
Restoraderm Body Wash and Moisturizer
Cleanse + Moisturize

For better results moisturize and replenish your skin after cleansing with Cetaphil RestoraDerm Replenishing Moisturizer. Click here to learn more.


Tammy, Lindsay, ON, Feb 19, 2018

After trying many many products I was so relieved to find Cetaphil Restoraderm Body Wash. I had dry scaly red skin on my face and this product is non drying, feels wonderful on the skin, doesn't cause any kind of reaction to my sensitive skin and leaves my face feeling moisturized, clean and non greasy. I honestly wouldn't want this product to ever go out of circulation. I depend on it to manage my skin care. Thank you Cetaphil!

Cara, Hamilton, ON, Oct 16, 2017

Loved it! I Suffered from atopic dermatitis for a long time then stumbled upon this gem. Soothes and moisturizes better than anything I’ve tried.

Michelle, Vancouver, BC, May 15, 2017

I loved the gentle cleansing of this product on my sensitive skin; however, I'm not fond of the fragrance - it's a little chemically, but not overpowering.

Erin, Ottawa, ON, May 15, 2017

As someone who is very sensitive to body washes and lotions, I found this to be gentle on my skin. I did, however, find the product to have an unpleasant (but not overwhelming) odour and it was runny, which would make controlling how much of the product I use to be difficult.

melody hambleton, Milton , ON, May 15, 2017

I recently tried this product through glam sense. It was a good moisturizing wash. didn't like the smell but it didn't stay on my skin after

Savannah, Edmonton, AB, May 15, 2017

This lathered very nicely. Did not irritate or dry out my sensitive skin. It left my skin soft and clean. I did not care for the smell, but the scent didn't linger so it was tolerable

Christine, Belleville, ON, May 14, 2017

I love this bodywash! My skin is never left feeling dried out and I haven't received a single breakout. I have very sensitive skin and Cetaphil didn't aggrivate it at all.

Lei, SPRUCE GROVE, AB, May 11, 2017

I recently had the opportunity to try this free through the Glam Sense program. I liked the way it worked well enough. It kept my skin from becoming dry and flaky, even without the use of lotion. The scent wasn't my favourite, but it faded after I was dry, and wasn't overpowering. Overall it is a decent body wash, but the scent is a deal breaker for me. I am not likely to buy it.

Karoline, Val-d'Or, QC, May 10, 2017

I received a sample of this product and it is very good. It is very soft and cleans the skin deeply. However, the smell is unpleasant.

Christine, Etobicoke, ON, May 09, 2017

I received a sample of this body wash and it worked as expected. My skin felt clean and nourished, however I didn't like the scent. I prefer either no scent (not the no scent - scent) or a light, floral fragrance.

Tasha, Cold Lake, AB, May 09, 2017

I recently received a sample of the wash and I'm honestly not a fan due to the smell. I'm very sensitive to scents so I found the smell bothered me but I did like how soft my skin felt after using it.

Erin, Vancouver Island, BC, May 09, 2017

Leaves skin very soft, no smell (which is great, I dislike any smells on products as they give me headaches). It is not as thick as other products but that's ok. Will definitely buy again

Savannah , Middle Sackville , NS, May 08, 2017

Loved the product

Kelsey, Kelowna, BC, May 07, 2017

This body wash did it's job well. It lathered nicely (lots of bubbles), it cleaned my skin gently, and it left my skin feeling nice. The only issues are that it's very runny (be careful when pouring!) and the smell. I would expect less of a smell with a gentle product. This smelled like a very freshly painted room. Very chemical-based. Apart from those, it's a very nice and gentle body wash.


Found the product to be average. Not very moisturizing.

Elizabeth , London, ON, May 04, 2017

Does not dry out my skin! If you have problematic skin, you simply must try this body wash.

Chantal, Montreal, QC, May 04, 2017

I liked the very subtile scent and the way it leaved my skin feeling very soft and clean.

Dalia, Toronto, ON, May 03, 2017

I think this is a great daily body wash. I have dry skin and this left me feeling clean and hydrated. I also can appreciate that it's fragrance free. It makes a light lather as well and feels really mild so I can imagine it being great for anyone in my family.

Deanne, Botwood , NF, May 03, 2017

This is a great product for anyone who has eczema or extremely sensitive skin. I couldn't detect any scent and it didn't aggravate my problematic, combination skin...It didn't, however, give me that squeaky clean feeling.

Kascie, London, ON, May 03, 2017

Works well in terms of moisturizing. Lathers and cleans without drying out. Very weird smell though (almost like clay)

Katie, Saskatoon, SK, May 02, 2017

This would be perfect for someone with very sensitive skin. I personally like a scent in my body wash, but overall I enjoyed using this.

jackie, Saint John, NB, Apr 14, 2017

Another excellent product from Cetaphil. Dare i say that this wash lives up to its name, and nourishes your skin while cleaning. It settles the skin so the itching almost goes away completely. Surprised to get this from a wash,rather than a cream or lotion! This is a thick rich wash that foams up nicely and provides a sense of relief as you wash with it. It honestly does what it says on the bottle, it hydrates and soothes while washing. I really like this body wash. It feels very silky and smooth when I use it, and it actually seemed to make a difference, helping to moisturize my dry skin.

Advanced Technologies

CERAMIDE Technology

  • Essential lipids found in the skin surface that help maintain its moisture barrier
  • Over 35% of the water found in the skin surface is linked to ceramides
  • When the barrier is intact, skin looks smooth
  • In damaged skin, the natural ceramides are compromised, which leads to moisture loss and dryness
  • Patented ceramide technology helps replenish the skin’s natural oils to improve its ability to retain moisture

 FILAGGRIN Technology

  • Filaggrin is a matrix protein that gives a skin cell its strength, but also transitions into amino acids that eventually form the natural moisturizing factor. It increases and retains moisture in the skin to help rebuild the damaged skin barrier
  • Filaggrin Technology consists of filaggrin BP components (arginine and sodium PCA) to help attract and trap water in the skin to improve hydration

MIRACARE® Technology

  • Comprises surfactants made of oil-and-water molecules resulting in a soap-free cleanser that encapsulates high levels of moisturizing oils
  • Mild surfactant blend allows for gentle cleansing, avoiding skin irritation and dryness
  • Oils nourish the skin and are beneficial in helping the body retain moisture
How to Manage Your Skin

Emollient skin care has been demonstrated to relieve dryness and itching. The golden rule is to cleanse and moisturize with pH balanced and fragrance-free products. Cleanse gently — avoid using a scrubbing motion or abrasive washcloths. Moisturize as needed, especially after washing hands and bathing.

How to Use

Apply directly to wet skin. Avoid eye area. Massage into lather, rinse and pat skin dry. For optimal care, follow wash with a moisturizer to lock in moisture. 



Eczema Society of Canada

Awarded Eczema Society Of Canada Seal Of Acceptance

Cetaphil RESTORADERM is recognized by the Eczema Society of Canada as an accepted choice for people with sensitive skin. Visit or talk to your doctor for more information.