Oil Control Foam Wash

Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Foam Wash contains a novel Zinc Complex, clinically proven to absorb excess oil from the skin while providing a deep pore cleansing. This non-drying soap-free foam wash provides a soothing and hydrating cleanse. It rinses easily with no residue.

  • Provides a soothing and hydrating cleanse
  • Zinc Gluconate absorbs excess oil
  • Zinc Coceth provides a deep pore cleanse
  • Non-drying, soap-free foam wash
  • Rinses easily with no residue
  • Non-comedogenic, non-irritating
  • Reviewed by Dermatology Review Panel
Restoraderm Body Wash and Moisturizer
Cleanse + Moisturize

For better results moisturize and protect your skin after cleansing with Cetaphil DermaControl Moisturizer SPF 30. Click here to learn more.


Monika, victoria, BC, Jun 15, 2017

Awesome for oily skin without over drying. This is my new go to.

Connie, Abbotsford, BC, Jun 14, 2017

This is a good cleanser, very gentle and my skin feels clean and fresh after washing. It does help to control oil some, but I have very oily skin and do find I am shiny at the end of the day.

Amandine, Toronto, ON, Jun 14, 2017

Have been trying this product for a month now and my skin feels so clean and pure. I have very greasy skin and feel like i need to wash my face several times a day but with Cetaphil, i did not need to.

Susan, grand falls windsor, NF, Jun 14, 2017

I was sent this to try out for review purposes. My opinion is that it is a pretty decent drugstore brand cleanser. It is made for oily skin and states that it controls oil, I did find that it helped control the oil a fair amount, but as someone with very oily skin i did still have some at the end of the day. For the average person with a normal amount I would think it would work 100%. The formula was light and foamy and the scent was minimal.

Breanna, Vancouver, BC, Jun 13, 2017

A decent foam cleanser that isn't too drying. I don't like the scent, but the product didn't dry out my skin too much. After prolonged use I suspect it might strip my oils enough to trigger overproduction, so I plan to use it sparingly. But overall a good cleanser for oily skin.

Karen Yeo, London, ON, Jun 11, 2017

I have very oily mature skin and I was very excited to test this product. It left my skin feeling clean and firm. After one use I noticed that my skin was much less oily. This has easily become one of my favourite cleansers for my oily skin and I have noticed that with continued use that my skin is much less oily throughout the day. Follow up with the oil control moisturizer, they work well together!

Tiffany, Petawawa, ON, Jun 09, 2017

Nice cleanser which kept my oily face free from breakouts and fairly non-greasy throughout the day.

Schae, Castlegar, BC, Jun 07, 2017

Does it job I guess just started using it So I'm unsure it's working yet

GlitterSunny, Ottawa, ON, Jun 07, 2017

I received this as part of a promotional program. It is very good - I find that it really controls oil and leaves a matte finish after use. It's also quite gentle and doesn't leave your face tight.

Janey, Toronto, ON, Jun 06, 2017

I was pleasantly surprised by Cetaphil's DermaControl Foam Oil Wash. It's so gentle on the face while controlling oils and sebum. I love it's light scent and that it doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or dry. I recommend this product!

Alana, Ottawa, ON, Jun 06, 2017

found the face wash to be lightly scented, which is appealing to the senses. It lathered well & my face felt clean after each wash. I felt it did a really good job at removing oil & products from the face. I'm very pleased with the product & would highly recommend as well as purchase again.

C, Melfort, SK, Jun 06, 2017

This face wash for oil control is fantastic. It's soft foam delightful! It is not greasy and leaves no residue or "soapy" feel. Cleans great, leaving skin feeling soft and oil free! I will definitely start purchasing this product regularly.

Marie , Toronto, ON, Jun 06, 2017

Excellent Cleanser! I used this daily since I received the product and I am quite happy that it removes all my make up and grime! After cleansing I used a toner but it looks like I do not need this step again since everything was already washed off by the cleanser! This product is excellent and highly recommended specially for oily skin!

Kristin, vancovuer, BC, Jun 05, 2017

Great! Lightweight and can be used everyday. Non-drying

Flory, Sudbury, ON, Jun 04, 2017

The Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Foam Wash goes on smooth and washes off the same. There is no tightness afterwards and your face feels fresh and clean. The scent isn't overpowering, very nice actually. My teen son has started using it as well and it's been excellent for his acne prone skin. The oil control is super important for his type of skin. We will continue to use this product.

Kristin, Vancouver, BC, Jun 02, 2017

Is a nice everyday face wash. It doesn't dry my skin out, cleans nicely and isn't heavy. It also light scent which is great too.

Maria, Chatham , ON, Jun 01, 2017

I have been using this product for about 3 weeks now and have seen changes in my skin. My skin feels clean and not as greasy as it used to with other products.

Carissa, ST CATHARINES, ON, Jun 01, 2017

Great using it with my clairosonic brush. I had a bad break out and my skin started clearing up after using it for 2 weeks. It is not drying!

Caitlyn, Kitchener, ON, May 30, 2017

I have been a big fan of Cetaphil products for 15+ years since a doctor recommended them to me and this cleanser does not disappoint. I find my skin is less oily and more clear after only 2 weeks of use.

Cassandra, Victoria, BC, May 30, 2017

I recieved this product as part of a promotional program. I have very oily and acne prone skin so when I recieved this product I was very excited to try it out. I used the face wash once in the morning and once before bed (I usually only use clean and clear before bed) and I have to say that I definitely have a new face wash! The results I saw in just a few washes were more than I had seen from a facewash before. Usually after I wash my face, although it feels clean, it looks very shiny and oily. The Cetaphil face wash made my skin very neutral and matte and left my face feeling soft. I even saw a slight decrease in my acne. The formula is light and foamy and also works wonders for removing makeup. The scent is nice and fresh and it leaves you feeling refreshed and vibrant. I would 100% recommend this facewash.

Melissa, Terrace, BC, May 29, 2017

Good foam face wash cleans pores good my husband uses it as well

Jenn , Cambridge, ON, May 28, 2017

I received this product as part of a monthly subscription. I usually have oily skin but after using this product in the morning and before bed, my face felt fresh, clean and not oily at all. I do have acne prone skin and hoped it would help clean this up but it did not helped as i anticipated. This product also worked well for make up removal.

Mandy, Winnipeg, MB, May 26, 2017

After washing with this product my face felt too tight and dry - almost painful. After using the product for several days, my face broke out uncontrollably. The scent is also overbearing. I will not be using this product again.


Galderma, Canada, Jun 15, 2017

Hi, Mandy. We appreciate that you took the time to write a review for DERMAcontrol. Each person's skin is unique, and we are sorry to hear that you experienced dryness. DERMAcontrol is indicated for oily and blemish prone skin and formulated to absorb excess oil from the skin, so perhaps your skin is more of a normal type. You may want to try our Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser as it is fragrance-free.

Leann, Saskatchewan, SK, May 24, 2017

Lathers well, feels super silky and leaves face feeling very clean! Only (huge) downside is the scent! Too strong, and chemically smelling, that lingers a long time. Very off putting!!


Galderma, Canada, Jun 19, 2017

Hi, Leann. We are so happy to hear you enjoyed cleansing with the DERMAcontrol Oil Control Foam Wash. We want to thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback about this product's scent. We value customer input like this because it helps inform future decisions about broadening the Cetaphil product line. If you prefer fragrance-free products you may want to try our Gentle skin Cleanser or our Oily Skin Cleanser.

Rebecca, Kingston, ON, May 23, 2017

I like this system of cleanser and moisturizer. The foaming wash makes my face feel clean and soft and not oily. The moisturizer keeps my face protected from the sun and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or feeling like I have a thick cream on.

Anita, Brookfield, NS, May 23, 2017

I really like this face wash, its nice and light and gentle on my skin. It keeps my oily skin under control which is nice and its not drying at all.

Cristina, Vancouver, BC, May 23, 2017

I like the consistency of this product but it really dries out my skin even after first use and it also doesn't remove makeup at all.


Galderma, Canada, Jun 19, 2017

Hi, Cristina. We appreciate that you took the time to write a review for DERMAcontrol. Each person's skin is unique, and we are sorry to hear that you experienced dryness. DERMAcontrol is indicated for oily and blemish-prone skin and formulated to absorb excess oil from the skin, so perhaps your skin is more of a normal type. You many want to try our Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser as it is fragrance-free.

Advanced Technologies


  • Comprises zinc coceth sulfate and zinc gluconate to help remove excess oil from the skin
  • Zinc coceth sulfate is a new generation of mild anionic surfactant that provides deep pore cleansing and foaming properties
  • Zinc gluconate removes excess oil and has an astringent yet soothing effect

CERAMIDE Technology

  • Consists of essential lipids found in the skin surface that help maintain its moisture barrier
  • Over 35% of the water found in the skin surface is linked to ceramides
  • When the barrier is intact, skin looks smooth
  • In damaged skin, the natural ceramides are compromised, which leads to moisture loss and dryness
  • Our patented ceramide technology helps replenish the skin’s natural oils to improve its ability to retain moisture

OLEOSOME Technology

  • Delivers active sunscreen ingredients released over time to ensure maximum skin benefits
  • Achieves a higher SPF rating with fewer sunscreen agents, reducing irritation potential
  • Formula delivers high protection without oiliness or chalkiness
How to Manage Your Skin

Cleansing is essential for washing away bacteria, dirt and makeup. Cleanse face morning and night with a mild, non-soap cleanser. Be gentle – do not scrub your face. After cleansing, apply a moisturizer that is water-based, oil-free and non-comedogenic to help ensure a proper balance of skin moisture without causing oiliness, irritation or dryness.

How to Use

Use daily. Apply to skin, gently massage and rinse. 



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