Your Cetaphil Stories

Cetaphil fans across Canada have shared their stories with us. Read on to hear about their personal experiences with our skin care line, and share your own story here.

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"Growing up, good skin care was an example my mother showed me daily, and I used your product as a result of that. Then my daughter started to have issues with her delicate skin — yet another generation of Cetaphil users was started."


"My dermatologist recommended the lotion to me, and it's the first product that I've tried that has SPF and doesn't break me out. It helps control shine while protecting from sun damage, and it's non-comedogenic which is key for my acne-prone skin."


"I am the head of the hair and makeup department for the production of War Horse playing at The Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto, Canada. Being in charge of peoples skin is a sensitive and sometimes irritating subject. Much of our show takes place in the muddy fields of war torn France and we needed a product that we could add powdered makeup to that would create the texture and consistency of a thick clay that would not irritate the actors skin when applied. Cetaphil Moisturizer has been the perfect product for this purpose. We also use the Cetaphil cleanser for the removal of all makeup and it works wonderfully. Thank you for a very effective and versatile product."

Yours truly, Christopher J Ibbetson

Desiree Proveau
Production Administrator
Mirvish Productions

"I have very sensitive skin, so I am long-time user of Cetaphil. My doctor recommended it to me when I was a teenager, as most soaps, cleansers and moisturizers irritated my skin. I have two young sons who have, unfortunately, inherited their momma’s sensitive skin. My cleanser and moisturizer of choice for both boys is Cetaphil. They never react to Cetaphil products and I don't hesitate to use them on my boys, as it is a brand that I trust. Thanks!"


"My grandson Tieler is a very generous young fellow. Last year after I had radiation for breast cancer, he noticed that my arm was very scarred and pigmented. He bought me some Cetaphil and it helped with the burning and scarring. I think he saw the other Cetaphil products I keep in my bathroom and thought it would help, and it did."


"I get very bad dry patches from my health problems and medications, but after one night smothered in Cetaphil, the skin feels so much better, and I've not scratched and damaged my skin!"